Prof. Yves Wiaux

Links: research profile, BASP group

Research topics: Large-scale computational imaging, from theory and algorithms to applications in astronomy and medicine. Keywords: inverse problems, data acquisition, dimensionality reduction, image estimation, uncertainty quantification, image analysis, deep learning, convex/nonconvex optimisation, Bayesian sampling, radio astronomy, optical astronomy, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound imaging, novel optical imaging modalities

Primary Members

Dr. Yoann Altmann

Links: research profile, homepage

Research topics: Statistical signal and image processing, Bayesian inverse problems, remote sensing, biomedical imaging, Monte Carlo methods

Dr. Alexander Belyaev

Links: research profile, homepage

Research topics: Visual computing, geometric modelling & processing, variational & PDE-based methods for image processing

Dr. Keith Brown

Links: research profile

Research topics: Underwater acoustics, bio-inspired sonar systems, intelligent diagnostics and control of complex systems, identification of underwater objects, autonomous underwater vehicles

Dr. Abderrahim Halimi

Links: research profile, homepage

Research topics: Statistical signal and image processing, with a particular interest in Bayesian inverse problems with applications to hyperspectral imaging, satellite altimetry and single photon depth imaging

Prof. Stephen McLaughlin

Links: research profile

Research topics: Signal and image processing: Algorithms, theory and associated applications

Dr. Joao Mota

Links: research profile, homepage

Research topics: Optimization theory and algorithms, machine learning, data science, multimodal signal processing, distributed algorithms, control theory, network science, and sensor networks

Dr. Audrey Repetti

Links: research profile, homepage

Research topics: Non-convex optimization, convex optimization, stochastic optimization, applications to signal and image processing: astronomical imaging, medical imaging, 3D mesh denoising, blind deconvolution for seismic signals

Prof. Andrew Wallace  (Emeritus)

Links: research profile, homepage, Visionlab group

Research topics: 3D imaging and interpretation, LIDAR systems, video analytics, human tracking and behavioural analysis, embedded and parallel software implementations of array processing algorithms

Secondary members

Prof. Yvan Petillot

Links: research profile, homepage

Research topics: Robotics and sensing, autonomous systems, image analysis and control, subsea applications, sonar image processing, target detection and recognition, MIMO and bio-inspired sonar systems, seabed classification, automatic target detection in clutter

Prof. Mathini Sellathurai

Links: research profile, SPCOM group

Research topics: Wireless communications and radar technology, parasitic antenna technology and analogue beamforming and precoding techniques, cognitive and statistical signal processing, radar, LIDAR, Sonar, RF networks, network coding, cognitive radio, MIMO signal processing, satellite communications and underwater communications

Dr. Sen Wang

Links: research profile, Perception and RObotics group

Research topics: Robotics, vision, machine learning, deep learning