SIPLab is the Signal and Image Processing Laboratory at Heriot-Watt University, part of the Institute of Sensors, Signals, and Systems.

Our research activities range from signal and image processing theory to application, and impact different areas of society. SIPLab is active in both traditional and emerging areas, and currently covers the following topics:


Signal and image processing theory

Statistical signal processing, non-stationary processes, Bayesian inference, signal models, sampling theory, sensing techniques, optimisation theory and algorithms, multi-modal data processing, high-performance computing, mathematical image analysis, geometric modelling, acoustic signal propagation, Monte Carlo simulation methods, decision theory, uncertainty quantification, machine learning.


Applications and areas of key innovation

Data fusion, imaging, low illumination sensing and imaging, image analysis, computer graphics, underwater signal processing, robotics, parallel and distributed computing, sonar, smart camera architectures, autonomous and assisted driving, 3D Scene analysis, recommendation algorithms.


Impact in society

Defence, surveillance, meteorology, geosciences, environmental sciences, medicine, biology, physics, astronomy, subsea asset monitoring, nuclear safety, art investigation.



Heriot-Watt University
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United Kingdom


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